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New Sale August 18th, 2018

Hello Everyone


We are moving the forum to on site as the sites get upgraded almost half of them are working now 

the remaining will be moved when site is upgraded.Feel free to post you can put payment proofs on 

forum but not mandatory.


Payment processors are at 10% discount at ALL sites 

Sale is when you upgrade we will give you 5 extra days on membership


We will start new payment requests as far as waiting time for money once ALL sites have been 

upgraded,It is being reduced before paid within 72 hours.

The sites might be closed for short time when they receive new upgrade.

Thank you


Site Upgrade August 04th, 2018

Hello Everyone

This site has been upgraded to newest version included in upgrade activity bonus,Daily login bonus

More offer walls, more payout processors 

Featured Ads


New Site

Perfect Money

Awesome Payment Processor

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